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Jan 15, 2012

Ready for a home spa??

If you are ready to indulge in a nice and comfty spa in the privacy of your own home, with some handcrafted products created with the best natural products, look no further. Reef Botanicals has what you need. Their products are created with care, from scratch and in small batches so you can enjoy the freshness of the ingredients used. Their products are pleasing to the eyes as well as your skin. Take a look, but be careful they look edible but you shouldn't eat them lol... You can visit the Reef Botanicals website, or follow their blog to keep up to date with their newest products.

Add a little fizz to your bath by using this fizz bar and enjoy a very relaxing evening.

If you love coffe, you'll like this Vanilla Latte bath salt

This dead sea mask will be a treat for your face.


  1. Great presentation of Reef Botanicals. Thanks for keeping up the ring.

  2. Nice post! Reef Botanicals products are so luxurious!

  3. Hi, Colette… such delightful products created by Reef Botanicals… I bet they work wonderers for your skin.

  4. I love the presentation of all their goodies! So lovely and great picks!

  5. Love the coffee! Wonderful picks from a fantastic couple.

    1. Love Their shop and especially their lip balm 8)

  6. Thanks so much! Now I want to go do a face mask...

  7. I use Larissas' soap everyday, big fan! thanks for sharing :D

  8. It all looks so terrific! Makes me wish I had a really great soaking tub, but I don't. :(